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Welcome to Our Executive Marketing Group Team Site. We would like to personally Thank You for taking time out of your schedule to learn more about our Team. EMG has been dedicated to helping families around the world to successfully achieve control of their lives both physically & financially since 2001.

We are a diverse team of individuals from ALL walks of life; who have made Faith, Family & Finance our priority. Our team consist of individuals who are Cashiers, CEOs, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Nurses, Plant and Postal Workers, Police Officers, Real Estate Agents, Retirees, Sales Professionals, Stay at Home Moms, Students, Teachers and more, who have teamed up to leverage our skills and have vowed as a Team that.... "Failure Is Not an Option". This Partnership has allowed us to "Pay It Forward" by showing other families how they can work a few hours from home, save money and enhance their lives by taking a monthly expense and turn it into RESIDUAL income.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, supplement your current income; or embark on a new career, EMG has a proven system for your success. In this economy, it doesn't matter what Degree, Title or Position you hold, EVERYONE should have a Plan B for Better Health and Extra Income.

EMG is looking forward to helping YOU...Build Your Future TODAY!

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Home Phone:   312-451-6206

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